MDX Series    
MDX series

Common Technical Features MDX 500 and MDX 600

  • Easy and amazing interface and use
  • Customizable by the user
  • High Resolution Spectrum
  • High Battery duration, 4h30 guaranteed
  • Simultaneous viewing of measures+spectrum+picture in DVB
  • TFT 5” HQ
  • Provides all the measurements in a unique screen
  • Super advanced Data-logger
  • Auto Reference Level in spectrum
  • Noise figure function
  • Synchronism Pulse viewing
  • Analogue Picture in Satellite and Terrestrial
  • Digital Picture in MPEG-2
  • Satellite Identifier
  • ECHOS function (impulse and frequency response)
  • DiSEqC motors control
  • Auto identifier of the digital carriers
  • Constellation Diagram in DVB-C
  • Real measurements of BER in DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-C
  • Simple and fast upgrading through USB 2.0
  • Data transfer to the PC through USB 2.0 stick
  • SatCR compatible


Additional Technical Features MDX 600

  • Measurements in DVB-S2
  • Displaying of the constellation diagram in DVB-S, DVB-S2 and QAM
  • Full Band RF: 5-862 MHz and 863-2150 MHz
  • Maximum detection mode to view interferences or GSM signals. Peak Hold
  • Recording of the complete Transport Streams in USB 2.0 external Hard Disks
  • Double marker in spectrum mode

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