5Camera feed in diplexer
5CEW 1880 - Code: 01880.11

- Offers the possibility of connecting two cameras,- 2 x 250 mA max.

- Power supply via coaxial connecting cable

- Looping into existing antenna installation

- Amplification of the camera signal adjustable 0 to 3 dB

- Variable attenuator -18 dB, through loss <2dB

- Power supply unit 230 V / 50 Hz /10 VA

54 way camera diplexer
5CEW 1884 - Code: 01884.11


- Ready to connect 4 cameras with RF-modulator

- Standard TV set to be used as a monitor

- Consecutive switching of camera view- via 1 UHF TV channel

- Fixed camera view via 4 UHF TV channels

- Simple feed-in in existing antenna distribution system

- Camera supply voltage fed through the coaxial cable

esquema diplexer

The CEW 1884 provides the possibility to show the camera-view in a consecutive switching of approximately 5 seconds. For that all connected cameras have to be tuned to the same RF-channel. A TV-set which is tuned to the designated RF-channels serves as monitor. The CEW 1884 detects the number of connected cameras and adopts the consecutive switching. Thereby no gaps occur in case less than 4 cameras are connected. The CEW 1884 can likewise transfer the camera signals continously. Therefore the 4 cameras must be tuned to 4 different RF channels. A gap of one to two channels should be provided to prevent disturbances. The sound will be supplied as well.